Course Information

Leak City? offers a one-of-a-kind training environment that combines instructor lead classroom training with hands-on field exercises and evaluation. Leak City? and its instructors have worked with organizations such as Industrial Training Services, Energy World Net, and the Midwest Energy Association to create real-world scenarios and field exercises to test and reinforce material normally only covered in the classroom or using computer based training. Our pool of instructors represents gas operators, vendors, and consultants who average over 25 years of experience. Live gas or compressed air are used for a majority of the field exercises, making the situations as realistic as possible while maintaining a safe and supervised environment.

While Leak City? can offer training to meet almost any OQ or operational requirement, the most important component of Leak City? is the people who participate in the training. We all know how important the relationships are within our profession and Leak City? offers the perfect opportunity for you and your employees to network, share ideas, and share experiences with our colleagues from around the southeast as well as the entire nation.

As a general rule, training March through October is scheduled every other week, and generally Tuesday through Thursday. Training scheduled on our calendar normally involves a curriculum offered by one of the training organizations utilized at Leak City?, or training specific to a manufacturer or vendor. Leak City? is also open to utilities who would like to bring their own company procedures and personnel for training. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
Leak City? offers regularly scheduled training covering the following areas, and can also be tailored to fit your individual needs:

? Leak Patrol, Leak Detection (Inside & Outside), Customer Leak Investigation
? Regulator Training
? Industrial Meter Sets
? Pigging & Purging
? First Response
? Code Compliance
? Odorization
? Cathodic Protection & Corrosion as well as NACE Corrosion Training
? Confined Space
? Leak Repair Under Pressure
? Fire Training (Main & Service Fires, Ground Fires, Regulator Fires)
? Tapping & Stopping
? Installing Mains & Services
? Properties of Natural Gas, Emergency Conditions, Accidental Release of Gas, Etc
? Locating Underground Facilities